Monday, February 9, 2015

Catching up on 2014: Kitschy-button Blouse

I tried to give this project a respectable name like the "Embroidered Cotton" blouse or the "Surfeit of French Seams" blouse, but in my head I always think of it as the Kitschy Button blouse, so that's how it will remain.

Like the red wool pencil skirt, the blouse was a project for my apparel production class last semester.  I got a bit frustrated with myself after I redid the top-stitching on the front band eight times, but it turned out to be very nice.

All the seams are French seams, except for the armseye, which is serged

(Hopefully in this picture you can see the shoulder & princess seams, and the serged armseye.)

The titular kitschy buttons were donated to my department at the university several years ago.  I think they are from the 1970's, and I'd like to do some research to find out what kind of plastic they are made out of.  I think they are lovely, and they really add a nice touch to the blouse.

And finally, here's a (dorky) photo of me wearing the blouse and the navy skirt I made earlier:

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