Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Formal Dress- Finally Completed

 Remember me talking about that dress the had to be done by the seventh? Turns out the thing got moved to the 15th.  And I'm just now blogging about it.


The dress is made out of some polyester sari-ish stuff that I got at Hancock's, and it looks really impressive in person.  The fabric is a variegated pinky-reddish-purple, and it drapes beautifully, with just enough crispness to keep the folds in the skirt where I want them. 

It laces up the back and fastens at the top with an absolutely beautiful (if I do say so myself) covered snap:

The skirt is incredibly full, due to big gores in the front, back, and side seams

I shortened the sleeves from the pattern, and made them out of red chiffon, which I think is reminiscent of Elie Saab. I wasn't real happy with the way the front neckline was laying, so I drafted a sort of cowl to cover it and some scarfy-things to hang down the back and fly dramatically in the wind...

I hand-stitched the scarves on using cartridge pleats, which allows them to swivel from the front-

To the back, where they are tacked in place-

I added some bugle beads along the shoulder seam because hey, a little extra bling never hurt anyone.

And now for the obligatory me-wearing-the-thing-and-grinning photo: