Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Art of Procrastination

The Alternate Title of this post is "What I'm Doing and Why It Took Me So Long To Get Started Doing It."
Right now I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating a microwaveable sponge cake (it was supposed to be a cookie but the egg was too big.)  Before me are the pieces of a dress that must be finished by February 7th, but here I am eating and taking artsy photos and writing poetical blog posts about the things I should be doing. It reminds me of how I decided to start a blog about my sewing projects last fall and I'm just now getting around to the actual blogging.  A lot of people have been asking to see some of my work so I thought I would make a blog for documentation and keep interested parties informed.  Expect to see lots of costume stuff, some regular clothes, and more of me procrastinating.

Enough talk. I'm going to sew now.

(Here's the original recipe for the cookie-cake thing: it's quite good, just beware of the eggs!)