Friday, May 23, 2014

Brief Update

So, I just graduated from high school so I should be having a lot more time to sew this  summer.  I've got ideas for various items of casual clothes, as well as miscellaneous bits of menswear.   There's also a few costumes I want to work on.  I wore my solo dress to the Little Rock Feis a few weeks ago, after making a few changes to the sleeves and collar:

Sleeves are completely new; they are now black velvet and heavily interfaced glitterball, with an appliqued medallion made out if the same fabric as the skirt and cape lining.  The sleeve cap is much taller to hold the sleeve at a better angle and is gathered slightly at the point of the shoulder.

The new collar is just an improved shape with a bit of silver trim to make it show up better.

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